Like most schools, the Duerer Gymnasium organizes various short and longer school trips, some for entire classes and some for a limited number of chosen students. These trips have both cultural as well as social purposes, and they are always fun for the students.


In our overview here we do not include all the day trips that we traditionally take to certain museums or meetings in Nuremberg and other cities. Klick through our gallery and you will find those school trips students look forward to.




... and long-distant travel


Every year, a few brave students have the possibility to travel to the United States of America and stay with a host family for 10 months. For some, this has been a dream for a long time, others are inspired by the enthusiastic reports of previous USA travelers. 8.000€ - 9.000€ for this journey might sound like a lot of money at first, but the high-school-year is sponsored by DATEV, a company in our city. This way, everyone has the possibility to make his or her dream come true. 


Listen to what Julia tells you about her high-school-year!