Gostenhof and Muggenhof

These are the two parts of Nuremberg in between which our school is located. It is a 5-minute-walk to the underground station "Bärenschanze" and a 30-minute-stroll to the inner city along the river Pegnitz. Very soon we will show some pictures of the area on this site, we are just waiting for the weather to get better...




The Pegnitzgrund, the green area along the river, which runs through our city, is a very popluar place for students and teachers of our school. We often spend our time there, either with friends to have fun, to spend our breaks there, or to work for school during breaks. You can also organize a barbecue with your class and teachers, play games or have classes there when it is summer. In summer, we also sometimes have PE there. And right next to the Pegnitzgrund is a public pool, where you can go after school. As you can see in the following pictures, it is a beautiful place to spend your time there.



The Nuremberg Trials Museum - Courtroom 600

The Nuremberg Trials Museum with Courtroom 600 is very close to our school building, on Fuerther Straße. Watch this video to find out more about it.